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One of the largest issues with running television, even on a local level in Northern Colorado, is you don't know who you are speaking to.  Sure, you may know a basic demographic i.e. Dr. Oz viewers are mostly stay-at-home moms between 22 and 45. But what if you could take that even farther and only target people who have shown an interest in your specific product or service? Yes, that is possible. 

What is Connected TV?

Connected Television is growing leaps and bounds each month. With more and more young people "cutting the cord" with cable companies, we are seeing an increase in streaming TV. Examples of this are Sling TV, Hulu, Youtube, Direct TV on Demand, and even ESPN. Virtually any TV provider that allows for streaming of their content is considered connected TV. 

How we use connected TV to Win

New Customers

Connected TV (CTV) is hyper targeted. This means you spend less and get a higher ROI on your spend. The way 970 Marketing, Inc. uses connected TV is through retargeting and look a like modeling. When someone comes to your website or owned online property for any reason, we tag them as a potential client (based on the pages they visit). If they leave the website after viewing pages about your service/product, prices, etc, we add them to your pool of CTV candidates. The next time that person is watching streaming TV they will see your television commercial promoting the product or service they looked at. 

You can explain a lot more in video than you can on a website in text, so we extend your messaging from your website to a platform that allows you to be more informative.  

Returning Customers

If your business is lucky enough to have return customers, or at least is supposed to (looking at you dentists), then this product is perfect. 

After someone converts on the site, they go into a targeting pool that delays serving ads to them for a specific period of time. For example, if you recommend a teeth cleaning every 6 months, that person will be placed in a pool to target them at the 6 month mark from their first visit. Now, you are serving them TV ads reminding them to make an appointment for service. 

Connected TV Advertising Cost

Connected TV offers a much lower cost TV ad experience than standard TV.  This is because it is much more focused than standard TV. Our TV advertising agency offers a dCPM, which stands for Dynamic Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This means we change our bid for the commercial space based on the user viewing the commercial. However we typically max out at $115/CPM. This means that if we have a highly qualified person watching The World Cup, we will bid on that individual up to a $115/cpm.  The minimum monthly budget required for our Targeted TV Advertising is between $7,500 and $10,000/month. 

If you would like to learn more about how Targeted Connected TV Advertising could work for you, give us a call today!

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