Facebook Marketing Agency

As of Q2 of 2018, Facebook has 2.23 billion active users worldwide. 214 million is the United States alone. That is a very large audience of potential customers. However, as an agency, we prefer to focus on the right people, rather than the most people. Facebook allows this through targeting capabilities based on what people like, talk about, etc on Facebook and Instagram.

Leveraging Facebook For Clients

Most people view Facebook marketing as a “front end” marketing play and that is all. Although this is an option, we feel there is much more value than a simple brand introduction to products or services.

Our marketing agency focuses on three areas of marketing with Facebook.

1 - Brand Introduction - We target the right people with Facebook advertisements based on their interests as they align to your product or service. This could be as simple as geography or as detailed as income, home owners, those looking to buy or sell a home, in market for a new car or truck, etc.

2 - Retargeting - Once the person clicks on the brand introduction and is sent to your website we track where they go on your site. If they are like 90% of people online, they don’t convert on the first visit. Based upon the pages and actions they took on your website, we target them on Facebook with ads that are specfic to the products or services they viewed.

3 - Recurring/Upsell Revenue - Any business that has a recurring revenue model or those that have additional products/services to offer should be heavily invested in Facebook marketing. A great example of how Facebook Marketing can work in these cases is a landscaping company.

Landscaping Company Example:

As a Facebook marketing agency for a landscaping company, we direct targeted traffic for the service area of the business. Someone converts to monthly lawn service. For three months, they have weekly lawn mowing and trimming and are happy. In September, we being introducing content about “Fall Clean-ups”. Come October, we target them with strong sales based video and images to push them to schedule a quote. The same works for Spring, Summer, exterior lighting, landscaping ideas, etc.

Facebook Advertising Agency Cost

Our Facebook marketing agency costs are based on the clients total monthly spend within Facebook. We charge 15% of whatever is spent with Facebook with a minimum of $500. This percentage decreases based on our client using us for more than just Facebook marketing.

If you would like to learn more about how social media advertising could work for you, give us a call today!