Pay Per Click (PPC) Managment Company

The use of Google has changed the way companies market to their demographic. If organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the long term investment, Paid Search Marketing/Search Engine Marketing is the short term.  

With Paid Search Marketing, a company is able to bid on keywords for which they wish to rank. You will see it for almost any industry (excluding addiction, payday loans, and locksmiths). The difficult part of running a Google Adwords or Bing Paid Search campaign is understanding how to use the right keywords at the right time without blowing through your entire budget. PPC marketing through Google and Bing is not cheap either.  It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to generate the right site traffic that will convert.  

Although Google and Bing advertising is expensive, it is worth it when managed properly. Most small businesses in Fort Collins and around the country try to manage their own paid search budget. However, when we audit prospective client accounts, we often see that they are over spending, which is depleting their budget before they have a chance to find the right people. Or their budgets are simply far to low for the industry and ads are not being shown often enough. 

There are lot of reason to hire a paid search management agency like 970 Marketing, Inc, however the largest is results based. We are a Google Certified agency, meaning we have taken the tests through Google and know how to manage your paid search campaign correctly. 

What Are The Paid Search Management Costs?

970 Marketing, Inc feels that small businesses in Fort Collins shouldn't have to sacrifice the budget needed to get results to pay a PPC management company for their services.  The industry average is a 15% fee of total spend in the marketing.  However, 970 Marketing, Inc is a flat $500/month up to a $10,000 media spend. This leaves more budget to drive the results back to our client's businesses. Give us a call today to learn more or request a free Adwords Account Audit. 

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