Site Retargeting For Higher Conversions

Most websites, on average, convert 5% of their site visitors. So what happens to the other 95%? If you are spending any money marketing your company's services or products, site retargeting makes the most of your budget by going after the remaining 95% of visitors. 

What is Site Retargeting?

Site retargeting is targeting people with the products or services they viewed on your website after they leave without converting.  If you have ever looked at shoes online, you have been retargeted. This marketing activity gives your brand more chances of earning the business back from a non-converting site visitor by continuing your messaging and slightly nudging them back to purchase or request information. 

How We Use Site Retargeting 

New Customers

Site retargeting can be used to generally target anyone who lands on your website.  This is the way that most small business use site retargeting.  However, this depends greatly on how you are generating traffic to the website.  The more general people on the site, the more money will be spent on unqualified traffic. Although usually a small amount, money is money - Why waste it? 

We focus our site retargeting efforts on several layers. These layers help us to identify the user's potential.  These are actions that the site visitor could take that would trigger our site retargeting product:

  • URL Visited - It matters what page(s) they visit. A homepage visitor is typically not as likely to convert as a visitor who visits a sub-page about a service or product. 
  • Time On Site - How long a person is on a website is a telltale sign of whether they are in need of your product or service. 
  • Frequency of Visits - Do they come back often? If so, we will increase our spend to nudge them to call or purchase. 

With site retargeting, you are putting your marketing spend to good use by targeting the 95% of people who, on average, do not convert.  

Returning Customers

Many customers have multi-touch services or products.  A few examples are dentists, lawn care, medical offices, or products like Apple (if they buy an iPhone, introduce Airpods, etc.). Such companies can use site retargeting to introduce a new product that compliments what they purchased or reminds them of services they may need. 

Dentists are an example of clients who use retargeting with our Targeted CTV Advertising campaigns. The lifelong value of a dental client is much higher because of the continued services (every 6 months minimum). However, most people forget to schedule or the dental office is using the phone to contact people. To be clear, we love the phone, but that isn't the way to get repeat business from most people in 2018 unless you text them. With retargeting, we can integrate your customers into our system, then display ads based on the customer's last visit to the office. Reminding them or giving them a promotional opportunity to come back, or even asking for a referral. 

What Does It Cost?

Site retargeting is based on the number of unique visitors a website receives and where we are retargeting. If we are performing standard retargeting through display ads we charge a flat $500 for management of whatever budget is spent. You can estimate a monthly budget of about $1,500 total. If we are retargeting visitors with not only display ads but also social media video promotion, the minimum is $3,500.  This also comes with a marketing manager to help with much more than just site retargeting. 

For more information on Site Retargeting, give us a call. We are happy to explain things in more detail. 

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