Social Media Marketing Services in Fort Collins, CO. 

Targeting the right person at the right time is the key to effective marketing strategies. Social Media platforms, mainly Facebook and Instagram, have made this process much more streamlined. You are now able to use social media to target people through more than 100 different factors, including income, geography, employer, school, and so much more. 

970 Marketing, Inc's social media management services are more than just posting to your Facebook page weekly. With all the data we are able to collect on Facebook and Instagram, we target your perfect customer through Facebook advertising. These Facebook marketing campaigns are custom built to the type of business you run. For example, if you are looking for lead generation for the service industry such as real estate, we would use Facebook Ads to get the prospect to fill out a form on Facebook through the ad, rather than click through to your website. Regardless of your industry, Facebook advertising is a must for any local or national business.

HINT: If you are a restaurant owner and are not using Facebook Advertising, you are leaving money on the table (pun intended). 

Facebook Marketing with Video

Do you own a business that videos well or has a great story behind why you do what you do? Then video marketing through Facebook is for you. Videos get 5 times more views than text on Facebook. We would use the videos you have (or come film them ourselves) showcasing the important aspects of your business. We then serve these videos to those who are interested in your product or service. It's a great way to use Facebook Ads to generate interest and customers. 

Social Media Advertising Agency Cost

Social Media Marketing is a large part of the 970 Marketing, Inc. ecosystem. This is because it requires the best creative available to deliver the right message. Once you have this, however, the results are outstanding. 970 Marketing, Inc. charges a flat 15% of total spend with all social media platforms. This cost includes standard advertisement creative, however video creative is extra. You can visit our video create page to learn more about what we offer.

If you would like to learn more about how social media advertising could work for you, give us a call today!

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