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Let's face it, a website that speaks to your audience and showcases your brand in a positive light is a must. Our local Fort Collins, Colorado website design agency will meet with you in person to learn more about what you have now and what you are looking for. This portion is critical as it is your website, and you have to love it. 

Stages of Website Development

We conduct our website design and development services in stages. This makes it easier for our customers to know what is being done and to be involved as they would like. 

Design Stage

Although we take what you are looking to see into consideration it is our job to create a website that speaks to your audience and converts the site visitors to customers. This is a reason we work together when it comes to designing the website. In the design stage of creating your new website, our in-house designers take your ideas and put them to "paper." During this stage you are given three edits to each page of the website to ensure your satisfaction. 

Development Stage

Once the website designs are approved, the back-end development team takes over. They take the design images approved by you and your team and transform them into code for a website. During this stage, we do all of our client facing work in "sprints." This means each page, or group of pages, is completed at one time then pushed live to the development site for your review. You then have time to suggest any needed edits.  

Quality Testing Stage

The 970 Marketing, Inc. team feels that nothing is worth doing if it isn't done correctly. This is why we created our QA stage. In this stage, our entire team goes through your website and operates as if they are your potential customers. We click on every link and every image and visit every page. We complete fake order/leads to ensure your CRM is functioning properly as well. 

Launch Stage

Once we are confident that the project is perfect, we launch the website on your server.  The development and marketing teams are on standby when this happens to handle any issues that may arise during the launch. Although we are confident in our QA process, things can go wrong on the back end and it is important that, as your partner, we are there to catch any issue and fix it quickly. 

What Does A Website Cost?

The cost of a website can vary greatly based on the industry and the website's functionality.  Our ecommerce websites start at $8,000 and go up from there.  Our lead generation websites start at $4,000 and go up based on function. For a more detailed quote, give us a call and tell us your idea.  We would love to hear from you. 


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